When I started designing the template, I aimed to create a reusable design template for visually compelling stories. When opening the article, readers should immediately understand: This is a strong visual storytelling with unique data visualizations and graphics, or impressive photos. At the same time, the layout should transport a magazine-style look and thus reflect »Der Spiegel«’s DNA as a news magazine.

Nevertheless, articles built using the template need to seamlessly fit the existing design system of SPIEGEL.de. Readers should immediately recognize them as »Spiegel« articles. And, needless to say, the texts on the opener image have to be easily readable on all backgrounds.


The template allows displaying full-screen images and video loops. It is also possible to embed or any other dynamic or responsive content that can be wrapped within an iframe. A regular use-case are animations built using After Effects and exported using Lottie/Bodymovin. These are some examples of how »DER SPIEGEL«’s designers are using the template:

I developed the idea for the template, drafted the designs and managed the editorial interests in the project. »DER SPIEGEL«’s platform design and IT departments finally performed the implementation process.

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